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I want to thank all of our customers that have made our Debonair Duke Tropical Paradise Beard Care Collection a best seller since our store launched in November. This collection makes a great gift idea for all of the bearded peeps in your life so don't delay and get yours today. 

So here is a rehash of what you get with this huge collection:

Imagine you are lying in a hammock perched between two palm trees in the tropics on a bright sunny day listening to wave after wave of clear blue water rolling onto the beach...Oh and of course you are sipping on an absolutely delicious tropical beverage straight from a coconut with one of those funny umbrellas.
Debonair Duke's Tropical Paradise Beard and Hair Care Kit will make your hair smell and feel like it's in this tropical oasis. With 100% premium all natural oils and botanicals you will treat your hair to this tropical dreamland every time you use it.
Start with the beard wash, and follow with the conditioner. You will feel your beard or hair getting softer as you rinse. Depending on the needs of your beard you will finish off your tropical trip with our beard oil or our beard balm & mustache wax (or both in some cases).
This complete beard and hair care kit has everything you need to take your trip to our Tropical Paradise, and will leave your beard and hair feeling Debonair and Dukely.

The Tropical Paradise Collection Includes:

  • 8.5 oz Beard Wash
Packed with 11 botanical extracts, this gentle and restorative beard wash infuses moisture, boosts hair strength, and removes buildup without stripping your beard of essential moisture. Works great for all hair types for day-to-day hair care, not just beards and mustaches. Safe for colored and chemically-treated hair.
  • 8.5 oz Beard Conditioner
This Keratin-infused, deep-penetrating conditioner is loaded with advanced proteins and plant extracts that penetrate into the your beard leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Works great for all hair types for day-to- day hair care, not just beards and mustaches.
  • 2 oz Beard Balm & Mustache Wax
Made for beards or hairstyles that demand a balance of styling hold and texture. Infused with the finest quality waxes and oils, it conditions, nourishes, and provides a shiny finish to your hair. Definition & Strong Hold. No Alcohol, Parabens or Sodium Chloride.
  • 1 oz Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner
The Duke’s Tropical Paradise scent is formulated with an industry high nine nourishing 100% natural carrier oils, which have numerous facial hair and skin benefits. Topped off with premium grade essential oils that give it a light but not overwhelming unique scent leaving your beard feeling fresh all day.