Signature Series Grand Duke Premium Beard Oil Sample


Signature Series Grand Duke Premium Beard Oil Sample

Not sure which of the Debonair Duke beard oils you want to start with, then give Signature Series Grand Duke sample a try. The Grand Duke’s Beard Oil is the perfect scent for any Duke to handle the daily royal duties that come with his royal position of being in line for the throne. It can also come in handy throughout the evening hours when courting the Duchess at Royal social events. Whether reporting to work or an evening out on the town the Grand Duke's scent will leave your beard looking and feeling Debonair and Dukely.

The Grand Duke’s scent is formulated with nourishing 100% natural carrier oils, which have numerous facial hair and skin benefits. Topped off with premium grade essential oils that give it a light but not overwhelming unique scent leaving your beard feeling fresh all day. This combination of oils provides the ideal bridge between hair care and skincare to help you achieve the perfect manly debonair beard.

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  • Virgin Argan Oil: Makes Facial Hair Soft and Shiny
  • Pure Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes Hair with No Residue
  • Vitamin E Oil: Improves Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Seal in Moisture and Promotes Hair Strength
  • Apricot Kernal Oil: Aids ‘Beardruff’ and Itch, Moisturizes Skin Under The Beard
  • Avocado Oil: Prevents Hair Loss
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: Stimulates Facial Hair Growth
  • Hemp-seed Oil: Prevents Breakage
  • Grapeseed Oil: Prevents Dryness

After using Debonair Duke Beard Wash and Conditioner dry your beard off as much as possible.

The length and thickness of your beard, will determine the amount of oil you need to use, but remember that a little will go a long way. Typically beards with less than two inches of hair you can usually add 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand. If your beard is longer and thicker, then you should try using 5-10 drops to start until you determine how much your beard needs.

Place the oil in the palm of one hand, and run your hands together and between your fingers. Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into your skin starting at the base of your beard and working your way out to the ends. Once you have worked it into your beard, using a boar bristle beard brush to style your beard to obtain the Debonair and Dukely look you are trying to achieve.

Do small skin test before using fully, might contain allergens to certain individuals.